Rustic MDF Wooden Cutlery Storage Box White

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The Cutlery Storage Box is a great place to store your cutlery so they don't lose their colour and charm by exposure to the elements. It comes with a great airtight transparent seal, that keep the cutlery in and dust and element out. It is also quite easy to open for easy access

The Cutlery Storage Box is designed for those who value their cutlery, not just as eating utensils, but also as statement pieces that ought to be preserved in the best way possible. It is big enough to house most of the common cutlery items in the kitchen cabinet. They are thus protected from dust and dirt. You can also put it at the dinner table for the easy access to anyone who desires to use an extra item of cutlery. It has been traditionally crafted with the best of skillmanship for your maximum use. The white exterior also serves to give it an eye-catching exterior.

Storage Box Size: approx. 7cm (H) x 26cm (L) x 24cm (W)
Storage Box Weight: approx. 0.88kg