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Ceramic Flower Planter Mutley Dog Large

Ceramic Flower Planter Mutley Dog Large

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This mutley dog figured utensil can be used for private gardens, indoor furnishing and landscape engineering. Ceramic planters are certainly more attractive and exquisite than pots of other material. It is guaranteed lower damage and deformity rate. It is exceptionally retro and elegant.

Its white tint which is serene makes one's feel inspired and refreshed. White is bright and lively, it can add highlights anywhere spotted, making it an amazing accent in designs. This product has an interesting mix of brown which is connected to the earth and represents anything natural and organic. Brown is hearth, it has a deep connection to one's home. That is exactly why this unique product will keep one's plant nutritious, healthy and good. This ceramic flowerpot is the finest choice for garden décor. It will create an interesting tinge in one's Indoor or outdoor spaces. The sturdy artefact is fitting as a makeshift container to organize office stationeries and pins.

Planter Size: approx. 14.5cm (H) x 15cm (L) x 13.5cm (W)
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