About Us

About CosyNest Interiors

CosyNest Interiors is a newly founded online furniture and home decor store based in Sydney, Australia and we gladly provide our service to the whole of Australia.


How did it get started? Honestly, setting up a home decor business was never on our agenda. We just enjoyed being a consumer and spent money!!! We love interior design, we love the home improvement shows (on Foxtel Lifestyle channel) and we love reading various kinds of home decorating magazines (evidenced by piles of home magazines lying at every corner in our homes). We always have a crazy passion to source beautiful, unique and affordable things for our homes from online stores across the world. But we never thought of selling until our last trip to a Furniture and Home Decor exhibition in China. We, a group of 5, flew (and drove) there to source something special for our own homes and then were inspired to ship these beautiful (and quality) products back to Australia and sell here (and make money hehehe..).


We know Australians are enthusiastic about home decorating and take pride in their houses, just like us!! We all love beautiful stuff and crave to create a house that we can call our own cosy nests!! So, that's how it all got started. We then invited another two like minded people to join this venture. Yes, there are seven partners here. We are all young people at heart and enjoy decorating and shopping online despite our different professional backgrounds. 


At CosyNest, we are committed to offer you a diverse range of quality and pretty products as well as world class customer service (something we ourselves treasure a lot whilst shopping online). Our products are sourced directly from overseas, mainly China and other Asian countries.


We guarantee you that our products marked in stock will be dispatched to you within 1-2 business days upon receiving your order. For products that are out of stock please enquire before order. Our return policy allows you to return your purchase to us in 30 days without any question asked. Well, of course we appreciate that you return them in a re-saleable condition. We are here to provide you a positive shopping experience and have fun, lots of fun, with us. Last, but not least, we welcome your feedbacks in all aspects ranging from the quality of products to our customer service to etc etc....


Company Name: CosyNest Interiors
ABN: 30 126 429 187