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Ceramic Teapot Blue Flowers

Ceramic Teapot Blue Flowers

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The premium, delicate looks of the Blue Flowers teapot will impart a high tea feel upon your morning breakfast or afternoon get-together of family or friends. It can hold just enough liquid for approximately two cups of tea and is ideal for enjoying your favourite flavour brew with a companion.

The floral design looks pretty on the glossy glaze while the brown lid top, rim and bottom give it a wooden touch and a sophisticated look. The bamboo style large handle that arches above the pot make it easier to grip as you pour from it and is looped in a ceramic ring on each side. The spout opposite the handle helps direct the flow of liquid from the pot into your mug to reduce accidental spills while the lid helps to trap in heat to let your favourite brew properly draw out the best flavour for an enjoyable tea-drinking experience!

Teapot Size (with handle): approx. 18cm (H) x 17cm (L) x 14cm (W)
Teapot Height (without handle): approx. 11.5cm
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