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MDF Wooden Trays Delicate Leaf Set of 2

MDF Wooden Trays Delicate Leaf Set of 2

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Made through the use of medium density fibreboard material, the Tray Delicate Leaf is an unexpectedly stunning piece of furniture that is in itself, qualified to be regarded as a stand-alone object of art which would easily blend in with most decorative settings which you may already have in your dining room, kitchen, and even public places like restaurants and eateries.

The ornate leaf decorated pattern which appears on the interior surface of both trays sold in this set appears to be simplistic in design. However, it is in the simplicity of this appealing motif that the complex aesthetic appeal lies. Each tray showcases a single floral plant which dovetails into two broad stems and having a total of just four large leaves. The black and gold coloured leaf ornamentation is certainly a standout feature.

* Material: MDF, Glass

Small Tray Size: approx. 5cm (H) x 35cm (L) x 25cm (W)
Large Tray Size: approx. 5cm (H) x 40cm (L) x 30cm (W)
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