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Metal Distressed Weathered Table Clock

Metal Distressed Weathered Table Clock

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Featuring a round metal silhouette, the clock face is crafted from MDF with a horizontal panel of wooden boards and is accented with distressed white numerals. It keeps good time, makes a soft level of ticking and has a clock face with numbers large enough to be seen from across the room. The round dial is protected with glass and the base stand allows it to stand properly on any table or shelf.

Create a cottage-inspired aesthetic when you decorate using this weathered table clock or round out a refined farmhouse setting in the living room with it. Place weathered grey vases on the mantel above the fireplace, and fill the vases with floral arrangements for some lush appeal and a pop of contrast. Then decorate the mantel with a few flickering candles and place this clock in the middle or side. Rich with distressed details, this new on the block table clock has antique-inspired elements and goes very well with an overall eclectic home.

Clock Size: approx. 23cm (H) x 22cm (L) x 5cm (W)
Clock Weight: approx. 0.74kg
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