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Rustic Wooden Shabby Chic Style Photo Frames Bundle Pack - Set of 2

Rustic Wooden Shabby Chic Style Photo Frames Bundle Pack - Set of 2

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They will adorn your mantle or your console top much like they have adorned your heart with the warmth of their love-after all, pictures that you hold so close to your heart will surely make your spaces also feel the same kind of love and warmth. Made from solid pine wood, they are fashioned in way to suit all kinds of displays-be it a top table or on walls and comes with a glass cover to keep your much loved collection safe from fading and from kinds of damage that dust and moisture can wreak.

Frames are a necessity if you love your picture and photograph collection and would like to display them with love and pride-after all, your graduation or that if your daughter's -a wedding in the family or the first step your son took-were all so beautifully captured in pictures that reliving those happy moment is as easy by simply looking at these pictures. Infuse that joy and happiness by simply adding them on consoles, wall spaces pr on your work desk. A look and you feel the joy of the moment. This frame will amply help focus on the beauty of what it holds. The white beachy feel of the wood comes from its shabby chic element. Will stand quite robustly on the backrest and could alternately be placed on walls. you will be able to combine it with other wood crafted frames quite easily because of its neutral colour. Will hold a 7-inch tall and 5-inch-wide picture.

* Material: Pine Wood, MDF, Glass

5" x 7" Photo Frame Size: approx. 24.5cm (H) x 19cm (L) x 2.5cm (W)
4" x 6" Photo Frame Size: approx. 23cm (H) x 18cm (L) x 2.5cm (W)
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